milExlmph Performance Fuel Additives from Dorf Ketal are manufactured according to stringent, consistent quality, health, safety, security and environmental (QHSSE) standards. Globally, we believe in meeting or exceeding the QHSSE regulations, both explicit and implied, by our governmental and regulatory partners. We are committed to safe working conditions, injury prevention and ensuring that our operations do not adversely impact the communities in which we work.


milEx|mph Performance Fuel Additives from Dorf Ketal relies upon a robust integrated management. system (IMS) that conforms to the highest industry requirements. We adhere to the European Commission's REACH and United States’ TSCA requirements, along with other country and region standards worldwide. Dorf Ketal’s integrated GHSSE management system includes research and development, manufacturing and supply chain activities for all of the firm’s performance fuel additives through the complete product life cycle.


Dorf Ketal meets the Responsible Care requirements regarding health, safety, security and environmental as set by the International Council of Chemical Associations on a global basis. Responsible Care is, an international health, safety, security and environmental performance improvement initiative of the chemical industry and it is based on the concepts of continual improvement and openness in responding to the concerns of the stakeholders about the industry’s operations and products.

Dorf Ketal’s North American operations were initially certified in 2008 to the Responsible Care Management system’ as controlled by the American Chemistry Council. Dorf Ketal’s manufacturing ‘operations were audited and approved as meeting Responsible Care requirements as defined by the Indian Chemical Council in 2014. Dorf Ketal’s GHSSE policy includes Responsible Care requirements and applies to all Dorf Ketal global operations.


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