Fuel quality becomes more important as more emphasis is given to improved energy efficiency and better air quality. Diesel performance fuel additives continue to play a key role in fuel quality enhancement, which supports the global energy thrust and the technical marketing needs of the oil industry. milEx performance fuel additives are formulated with special cutting-edge components, which keep engines clean and protect the entire fuel system, restore engine power, acceleration, fuel economy and reduce engine out emissions. milEx performance fuel additives can help fuel marketers improve and customize their offerings and create brand identity by differentiating product attributes of their diesel fuels. For society in general, milEx performance fuel additives provide the opportunity to significantly contribute towards the United Nations sustainability goals.


milEx SR 6000 Series are a multifunctional diesel performance additives packages specially designed to preserve diesel and enhance the performance of direct and indirect injection diesel engines. They are completely soluble in diesel and biodiesel blends and are compatible with commonly used engine and fuel system materials. milEx SR 6000 Series and its unique detergent system preserve diesel degradation caused by bacteria, fungi and yeasts, controls and removes injector deposits to improve driveability, increase fuel economy, restore power loss, and reduce exhaust emissions. milEx SR 6000 Series provides protection against corrosion, emulsion or haze in wet fuel systems and reduces foaming of dry and wet diesel. Provides excellent fuel tank cleaning properties.



Choose the benefits and get the best product

  • Improved Fuel Economy
  • Corrosion Control
  • Engine Cleanliness
  • Reduced Fueling Time
  • Reduce Filter Blocking
  • Less Harmful Emissions
  • Smooth Drive
  • Improved Ignition Quality
  • Kill bacteria, fungi, and Yeasts
  • Other Requirements

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