More miles, less fuel Modern petrol engines, known as Otto-cycle engines, are constantly evolving, and this can be seen both in the best use of fuel and the increase in specific power. In the 1970s, for example, 1.5 displacement engine yielded between 5O and 60 HP. Currently, this same engine can produce between 150 and 170 HP, mainly due to electronic management, direct injection, and turbo power.


However, these engines need to operate under the conditions in which they were designed. Even using good quality fuel over time, a loss of yield occurs due to formation of carbon deposits.

In a Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engine, the fuel injector is placed directly into the combustion chamber and no longer before the intake valve. This change in the injection system makes the engine more economical and powerful. However, it makes it more sensitive to the fuel quality because the injectors work with high pressures and temperatures, facilitating the carbonization and clogging, in other words, deposits buildup.

The mph additives for gasoline were developed to meet the quality requirements for the new engines and the old ones, promoting the clean up of existing deposits and preventing the formation of new ones.

Cleaning and keeping a gasoline engine clean is essential to any additive. The mph additives go further. Inhibiting corrosion, especially in gasoline blended with ethanol; increases the life-cycle of pistons and piston rings due to its anti-friction action. Most importantly, in a time of expensive petrol, having a patented chemical component, known as a combustion improver, provides proven savings of up to 10%


mph additives have undergone all gasoline engine cleaning tests, including the VW EA 111 (1.4 TSI), engine, and in all cases achieved the required performance with clearance. These tests were carried out in a CEC-certified independent engine test house in Europe.

When choosing a gasoline additive, prefer the mph brand. More miles, less fuel.


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