Diesel fuel is very susceptible to changes in its properties due to the production process in the refinery (for example, the production of low sulphur fuels) and when blended with bio-components to produce biofuel. This can often result in poor fuel stability which can manifest itself through fouling and clogging of diesel engine filters and injection equipment, injection pump wear, corrosion of internal parts, uneven burning of fuel generating the so-called black smoke and CO (carbon monoxide).


Working efficiently within agricultural industry requires equipment to perform as designed and to run on high-quality fuel. To ensure the integrity of such machines and their total efficiency in the field, Dorf Ketal offers a portfolio of fuel treatment solutions that increases the performance of most, if not all, hydrocarbon fueled equipment. When used correctly, such fuel treatment solutions increase the life cycle of engines and of many spare parts.

Through their extremely efficient detergent, anticorrosive and antibacterial functionalities, milEx™ performance additives eliminate the main problems resulting from the use of diesel that has been in storage for long periods. In addition to these properties, there are additives packages that are formulated with patented “combustion improver” chemistry that increases a diesel’s combustion efficiency thus improving fuel consumption - that has a clear association with an extraordinary environmental footprint within the agricultural sector as it reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.

Learn more about how to reduce costs associated with both high fuel consumption and maintenance of diesel engines. Get in touch now! milEx is an ally for the rural producer who values an efficient operation and the protection of their machines.


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