"milEx|mph" PX 3900 SERIES are multifunctional diesel and gasoline performance additives packages specially designed not only to meet the aftermarket needs but provide a new concept in terms of fuel efficiency. "milEx|mph" PX 3900 SERIES are designed to enhance the performance of diesel and gasoline engines. They are effective in all types of fuel injection systems. "milEx|mph" PX 3900 SERIES are entirely soluble in gasoline, gasoline-ethanol blends, and diesel. They are compatible with a commonly used engine and fuel system materials. "milEx|mph" PX 3900 SERIES control and remove deposits on injectors and intake valves to improve driveability, increase fuel economy, and reduce exhaust emissions. "milEx|mph" PX 3900 SERIES protects against corrosion and emulsion or haze in wet fuel systems. Further, it can improve diesel and gasoline engine combustion efficiency and reduce wear coefficient along metal-to-metal surfaces inside engines resulting in increased efficiencies and more extended parts life.

The milEx|mph PX 3900 Series products are designed for industrial customers from various segments (agriculture, mining, transport, construction, energy, etc) who consume non-additized fuels, and want to do the best treatment themselves, according to their needs, when, and how they want. This Product Series also caters to dealers specializing in goods for vehicles. For this reason, milEx|mph PX 3900 Series are supplied in small packages, whether in bottles, pales, or pouches.

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Choose the benefits and get the best product

  • Real Life Economy
  • Corrosion Control
  • Engine Cleanliness
  • Reduced Fueling Time
  • Reduce Filter Blocking
  • Less Harmful Emissions
  • Smooth Drive
  • Improved Ignition Quality
  • Kill bacteria, fungi, and Yeasts
  • Other Requirements
  • Reduced Engine Wear

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