When you need a timely supplier ready to meet global standards call Dort WM. Dorf Ketal develops and manufactures fuel additives to help its customers solve their most difficult challenges.



Mundra, India

This plant is located in a port city in the State of Gujarat in a special economic Zone (SEZ), which allows duty-free chemical imports. It ls the world's largest manufacturer of organic Mane. and also manufactures process chemicals.

Taloja, India

This plant is located 40 miles from Mumbai a. close to Me port at Nhava Sheva. It Primarily manufactures process chemicals for the refining and petrochemical Industries.

Dadra, India

Also located in the State of Gujarat, this plant produces origanic titanates and polyvinyl formal (PVF)

PortoAlegre, Brazil

Conveniently located in Me port city of Porto Alegre, this plant manufactures specialty chemicals for hydrocarbon Industries,

Macaé, Brazil

Conveniently located in the port city of Porto Alegre. this plant manufactures Specialty chemicals for Petroleum E&R


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